I have been a prolific creator all my life and have studied Art to postgraduate level in the United Kingdom.  I studied at University of Arts London (Berkshire School of Art & Design) 1999 to 2000, Birmingham City University (U.C.E.) 2000 to 2003 and Reading University 2005 to 2006.  I have worked as an Artist / Illustrator for many years and over that time have created many pieces of interesting and vibrant artwork for a variety of clients: from large global publishing houses to individuals on independent commissions.  I have a reputation for creating interesting, high quality artwork, maintaining positive working relationships, being consistent and very professional.  I have a lot of experience working on commissions and am happy working with a range of subject matter.

I am passionate about communicating visually and I am especially interested in expressing the unseen. I am continually inspired by people and outdoor spaces and it is this inspiration I aim to capture in my work. Limited tone, strong lines, interesting compositions and bold colour are key features of my artwork.  My fine art work comprises paint, pencil, ink and sometimes elements of collage usually on canvas or paper and comes in a range of sizes. My illustration artwork involves pencil, ink, paint, collage and digital media, illustration final artwork is digital / printed.

If you are interested in purchasing / commissioning artwork please click here for fine art and here for illustration.

You can read some client reviews of my work here.


Exhibitions and Published Work:

WhatIsItToBeHuman: touring Art galleries throughout the United Kingdom – May 2015 until May 2016

Solo Exhibition: The Drawing Room Art Gallery, Isle of Man – July 2014

Thames Path Artists: Christchurch Centre, Henley – May 2014

D & R: Arch Gallery, London – June 2013

Shoreditch Launch: Spitz Shoreditch, London – July 2007

Reading University Exhibition: Reading – October 2005

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design Exhibition: Birmingham – June 2003

Collaboration: The Space, Birmingham – March 2002

Published Work:  

Many pieces of my artwork have been published both physically and digitally over the years in a range of formats, too many to list here.  As a result this is not an exhaustive list, just significant printed publications.

Macmillan Education - Middle East:

Macmillan English Language Book 5 ISBN:9781405081313

Macmillan English Language Book 6 ISBN:9781405081375

English World Pupil’s Book 3 ISBN:9780230024618

English World 3 Flashcards ISBN:9780230024588

English World 3 Posters ISBN:9780230024670

English World Pupil’s Book 4 ISBN:9780230024625

English World 4 Posters ISBN:9780230024687

English World Pupil’s Book 5 ISBN:9780230024632

English World 5 Posters ISBN:9780230024694

English World Pupil’s Book 6 ISBN:9780230024649

English World 6 Posters ISBN:9780230024700

Macmillan Education - Latin America:

Take Shape Student’s Book 1 ISBN:1120100101625

Take Shape Student’s Book 2 ISBN:1120100101632

Take Shape Student’s Book 3 ISBN:1120100101649

Macmillan Education – Middle East:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 3 ISBN:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 4 ISBN:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 5 ISBN:

London Maps:

Shoreditch Map

Sample Clerkenwell

Beyond Words:

A Night In Space ISBN: 9781784580810


Cinderella and her Beautiful Stepsisters ISBN: 9781782809944