Below are a list of published books featuring my artwork (and more recently my text too), for a fuller list of my published work please go to my ABOUT page.

Macmillan Education - Middle East:

Macmillan English Language Book 5 ISBN:9781405081313

Macmillan English Language Book 6 ISBN:9781405081375

English World Pupil’s Book 3 ISBN:9780230024618

English World Pupil’s Book 4 ISBN:9780230024625

English World Pupil’s Book 5 ISBN:9780230024632

English World Pupil’s Book 6 ISBN:9780230024649

Macmillan Education - Latin America:

Take Shape Student’s Book 1 ISBN:1120100101625

Take Shape Student’s Book 2 ISBN:1120100101632

Take Shape Student’s Book 3 ISBN:1120100101649

Macmillan Education – Middle East:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 3 ISBN:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 4 ISBN:

English World Class Pupil’s Book 5 ISBN:

Beyond Words:

A Night In Space ISBN: 9781784580810


Cinderella and her Beautiful Stepsisters ISBN: 9781782809944

A Pale Landscape:

Illustrated Women in History III